Welcome to our video page.  This video was filmed at Little Beach in Ucluelet BC CANADA.  Little Beach is only a two minute walk from Little Beach Resort and the beach is perfect for all kinds of easy activities. Kayaking, SUP Boarding, swimming, snorkeling,  exploring, or just relaxing with friends by a fire enjoying some great food. On this day we paddled from Little Beach Resort to Terrace Beach, home to the resorts of The Cabins, and Terrace Beach Resort owned by Jason Priestly.  The paddle, as you can see, is quite easy for most skill levels. If you are more avanaced here are many areas to explore on the exposed outer coastline. Paddle boards and kayaks can be rented in Ukee. We hope you enjoy our video and we can’t wait to post more.

Come enjoy a hike on the Wild Pacific Trail, a paddle adventure at Little Beach and then relax in our complimentary cedar sauna.  For more information Call toll free at 1-877-726-4202 or email us at info@littlebeachresort.com

Thanks for watching:)

Here is a short clip of our hike from Little Beach Resort to Amphitrite Lighthouse on the Wild Pacific Trail here in Ucluelet BC CANADA. Cheers.

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